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Our Values

At Keyword Translation Service we are unequivocally committed to the quality of the translations we deliver. Combining expertise and experience with a sensitivity to the specific demands of the text in front of them, our translators are able to deliver first-class results that you, the customer can be proud of.

Our relationship with our customers rests on 4 pillars:


Our customers return to us with their translation needs time and again, and many of them have done so for more than twenty years. Because they know that their texts are in safe hands. For us, a translation is not “just another job”. It is your message to the outside world that you have entrusted to us. And you have the right to expect that we treat it as if it were our own. Your message is the lifeblood of your company. Our promise is that we will treat it with all the care it deserves.


In Keyword, you will find a team of professionals with proven track records. Working for some of the most familiar names in German industry and commerce, each of our translators can call on twenty or more years of experience in the business. Each of us has our own particular set of skills and fields of expertise, and your work will be assigned to the person who can do it greatest justice.


You are experts in your field. We are experts in ours. As often as not, a fine translation is the result of a collaborative effort. As a team, we regularly draw on each other’s skills and expertise to achieve the best outcomes. Equally, we expect to work together with our customers to clarify aspects of a text that may not be clear to us, such as the target audience or any preferred technical terms you may require. Together, we are all stronger.


When the success of your venture depends on you meeting a critical deadline or remaining within budget, you cannot afford to have the last person in the chain let you down. By its nature, translation is often the final element of a lengthy project. We understand this, and when we commit to a schedule or budget, you can be assured that your work will be there. On time – every time. In budget – every time.